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58855RE: [Authentic_SCA] Wappenrock/Waffenrock/Bases questions...

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  • Scott Catledge
    Aug 23 4:18 PM
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      Shirt and skirt are the same word but in two different languages--I seem to
      recollect that
      they are both from kirtle.

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      1) do not call it a skirt from what i have been told it's is literally
      a "war shirt
      2)The waffenrock was usually worn under armor as much as I have seen.
      The mantle and chest piece have become part of the waffenrock ensemble.
      3)Wams is a separate piece all together and usually worn with hosen
      and has nothing to do with a waffenrock and the top and bottom are
      connected as almost a dress. Wams are usually made with a series of
      triangles pieced together while a waffenrock has at least one rectangle
      4) You can do without the sleeves as almost a "tank" style but I would
      add sleeves of a contrasting color to make it look spiffy
      Now if anyone does disagree I won't argue. As one of the core members
      of a Landsknecht unit's baggage train and maker of clothes, these are
      just my personal observations as no extant waffenrock still exists
      Lady Magdalena Von KDT
      East kingdom/ shire of Eisental

      On Aug 23, 2011, at 6:11 PM, JL Badgley wrote:

      > I'm looking for help with late 15th/early 16th century German garments
      > for wearing with armor. I've been pointed to the "wappenrock", which
      > appears to be a wams/doublet garment with a pleated skirt--though I
      > think the term applies equally to other garments (I see it used for
      > military coats, surcoats, etc.). The skirt appears to be called
      > "bases" by some, and I found one example showing that it was padded.
      > I'm looking to make my appearance in armor *more* correct while I wait
      > to get metal everywhere ;) This seems like it could cover some sins,
      > if I understand it correctly, and add some extra protection
      > Question 1) Is the above generally correct? Do people understand what
      > I"m looking for?
      > Question 2) Would wams/wappenrock be worn *over* armor, such as this:
      > Question 3) Is it one garment, or are they separate?
      > Question 4) Should the sleeves be integral, or are they usually an
      > undergarment showing through, like a doublet under a jerkin?
      > I realize more information may be needed, but I don't know what at
      > this time. I would appreciate any help--I've found a coupe of things
      > online, but not much, and I fear I may be searching the wrong terms
      > (or just in English).
      > -E.

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