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58825Re: Trying to ID a crown?

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  • laurie_cavanaugh
    Aug 5, 2011
      > I stumbled onto this Russian blog entry:
      > and I am fascinated with the final photo in the post. It looks like it
      was photographed in a museum display, but I was hoping someone here
      would recognise it.
      > Can anyone help?
      > Asfridhr

      That crown is pictured in Lightbown's Medeval European Jewellery. The
      text of the photo in Lightbown says:
      Coronal. Silver-gilt. Length 55 cm. height 4.5 cm. Hanseatic, fourteenth
      century. Found Badeboda treasure, Aseda parish, Smaland. Statens
      Historiska Museum, Stockholm.
      All he says about this crown in the text is that it as "evidently been
      decorated by stamping," and he goes on to talk about how Lois I of Anjou
      had crowns also decorated by stamping.
      I personally wish that someone had thought to include the thickness of
      the metal.
      Hope this helps!
      Morgan Athenry, West Kingdomwww.MedievalJeweler.com

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