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58823New Pennsic video project needs your help!

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  • returntopennsic
    Jul 31, 2011
      Unto the Group does Lord Ervald the Optimistic send greetings.

      Zorikh Lequidre (known in the SCA as Lord Ervald the Optimistic), who was involved in the production of "The Pennsic War: A Video Documentary" 20 years ago,and has since released the "Special Edition 10 years ago and the DVD more recently," is prudicing a follow-up, titled "Return to Pennsic,"

      In this new project, Lord Evald will be finding out what has changed and what has stayed the same over the past 20 years. He will be joined by "Simply the Best" G.A. West, a fitness professional, life coach, and former champion pro wrestler who has had no experience with anything even remotely connected to the SCA. He will be finding out about the physical aspects of SCA combat, the life choices people make to be in the SCA, and how the personas that people take on affect what they get out of the SCA.

      This is a very ambitious project that is already receiving a lot of buzz. The crowned heads of 7 kingdoms are among the many significant people who have signed on to be interviewed. Merchants and artisans have agreed to contribute garb and accessories for G.A. West's first Pennsic. however in order to make this project all it has the potential to be, it needs just a little more funding.

      There is a fundraising campaign set up at www.indiegogo.com/Return-to-Pennsic Through this website you can contribute to the project and get special perks, including copies of the video, listing in the credits, a link to your website, even a share of the profits!

      You can find out much more about this project at the website, and see preview videos with Lord Ervald and G.A. West. Please support this project and help this new video come to reality!


      Disclaimer: This production was approved by the Pennsic staff, but is not an official SCA production and does not delineate SCA policy