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58813Re: [Authentic_SCA] Re: Dog collars in period

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  • Honour Horne-Jaruk
    Jul 21, 2011
      Respected friends:

      > Brizendine wrote:
      > > The act of walking his dog does not cancel the fact
      > that this very
      > > dog was
      > > probably some sort of ratter or pest control type dog
      > as it appears
      > > to be a
      > > terrier type dog.
      Given the subject of the picture, and the stick/cane in the man's other hand, it more likely fits in another working category I missed: handicapped assistance. In addition to leading the blind, which goes back at least to Rome, dogs have served such functions as warning of the onset of both seizures and chemically-mediated psychotic episodes. (I'm looking for one who can identify hypoglycemic attacks.) If a dog is large and strong enough, it can even learn to "dive" under a child who frequently falls while walking.
      However, you're dismissing a category of "working" dog that certainly did exist in the middle ages: conspicuous consumption. Dogs bred, and kept, solely for their grace and beauty. Most lap-dogs fit into this category, too; they were as much an accessory as a pair of gloves or a lace-edged muckender. They didn't do any kind of practical work. Like dwarves and jesters, they existed for the amusement of those wealthy enough to afford them.

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