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58811Re: [Authentic_SCA] Re: Dog collars in period

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  • Marianne Perdomo
    Jul 20, 2011
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      I just don't see such a sharp divide... keeping company is a job of sorts.
      Also I have my dog so I'm forced to go on walks, and think I'm not alone in
      this. Many people also like their dogs warning of any intruders, even if
      it's the high-pitched yip of a tiny dog that will never scare away an
      average human. Also... in medieval times people kept menageries of exotic
      animals. Keeping leopards and what-have-you can't be so different from
      keeping parrots or iguanas. You keep them because they appeal to you. Then
      if they're also useful, so much the better.

      I've rescued the quote so you can judge for yourselves. My impresssion is
      that he's just adding a function to the dogs, kind of like drinkiing tea and
      then finding out it's full of antioxidants or whatever...

      "As touching the pretty little dogs that our dainty dames make so much of,
      called Melitaet in Latin, if they be ever and anon kept close unto the
      stomach, they ease the pain thereof."

      As to the dog collar I need to find the photos... :/ or find the collar and
      take new ones...



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