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58806Re: [Authentic_SCA] Re: Dog collars in period

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  • Marianne Perdomo
    Jul 20, 2011
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      Great stuff! The egyptian collar is gorgeous!!
      Not the original poster, but thanks!

      FWIW, I've read that small dogs kept for company have existed at least since
      Roman times. Pliny talks of the ladies' dogs that could ease stomach pains
      by being kept close to it. Studies of dogs from Romain Britain yielded
      heights between 23 and 72cm. Source: A Natural History of Domesticated
      Mammals, by Juliet Clutton-Brock, 2nd ed.

      However, I've read claims that the breed depicted in Egyptian pharaonic art
      were, variously, so called Pharaoh Hounds, Ibizan hounds (Podencos) or even
      "similar to greyhounds". But DNA analysis have disproved the claim at least
      for Pharaoh hounds. What I've read on the matter suggests that "types"
      (rather than breeds) have been bred repeatedly at different places
      throughout history. More often than not, there will be no genetic
      relationship between similar looking dogs.

      There's a group on Yahoo, SCA Hound Coursing, or somesuch where the matter
      of collars has been discussed previously. You may want to check the groups
      archives for old messages and photos. I also recreated one of the 3-pronged
      collars shown in some late period sources for my dog Eli, if anyone's


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