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58795Re: [Authentic_SCA] Dog collars in period

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  • Honour Horne-Jaruk
    Jul 18, 2011
      Respected friends:

      --- On Mon, 7/18/11, Daniel Brizendine <norseceltbear@...> wrote:

      > I would argue that one of the reasons
      > that there appears mostly hunting
      > collars is that few if any dogs in the middle ages were
      > just "pets". Nearly
      > all persons and animals in the working households had to
      > have some manner in
      > which to "earn their keep" and therefore it would have
      > seemed unseemly for a
      > dog to just lay about and not be doing any of the
      > work. Most dogs either
      > were some sort of hunter or some sort of herder.
      > Zsigmund

      I believe that was only partly true. There were a lot of small dogs. The nun in the Canterbury Tales is accompanied by an unmistakable pet, a tiny and useless lap dog. However, even those little dogs had some function in the colder middle ages- they were heat sources.
      Other working dogs of our time period: guardian dogs, both for animals (sheep-guard dogs, including the Italian Komondor and the Hungarian/ russian borzoi; general livestock guards such as the Hungarian Kuvasz) and for humans (the Irish dogs Cu-Culaigne found himself replacing, and the dual-purpose Dogue de Bordeaux.)
      There were also an unbelievable range of ratters, and some vermin-killers (dogs mostly used to dig our fox dens.) The "sport" breeds, such as bulldogs, have - fortunately - been re-purposed, but they were originally kept solely for such charming spectacles as bull and bear baiting. Also immensely important were cart dogs, of which the sole survivor bred exclusively for that purpose seems to be the Bouvier de Flandres. Then there's strange outliers such as fire-finders (dalmation ancestors) coach dogs, who seem to have been bred mostly to look good keeping pace with horses, the odd little dogs that were called turnspits, and the search-and-rescue breed Saint Bernards (Named after the Swiss monastery from which they went forth to find avalanche survivors and people trapped in blizzards.)
      All in all, quite a collection. Any other jobs I missed?

      Yours in service to both the Societies of which I am a member-
      (Friend) Honour Horne-Jaruk, R.S.F.
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