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58723Re: [Authentic_SCA] Neck facings or not

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  • Catherine Olanich Raymond
    Jun 16 4:04 PM
      On 06/16/2011 10:47 AM, Catrijn vanden Westhende wrote:
      > On Thursday, June 16, 2011, Ann Catelli<elvestoorder@...> wrote:
      >> The Bayeux Tapestry shows any number of people with external facings at their necklines.
      >> Ann in CT
      > That demonstrates something that looks like a facing, but doesn't tell
      > us much about it's construction. It could equally well be applied
      > more like appliqué, and not be integral to the finishing of the
      > neckline.

      Sometimes, the crafters of the Tapestry used odd color highlights for
      effect (e.g., some of the horses have different legs done in different
      colors, maybe to give the illusion of perspective?). I agree with
      Catrijn that it would be a mistake to assume that the Tapestry reflects
      everyday reality of the period in all respects. Her comment about the
      fact that we don't know *how* the type of contrasting-necklined tunics
      shown in the Tapestry were made is a good point.

      My perception is that the way we make facings (right sides
      > together, sew, clip, turn) is a modern construction technique, a
      > method that's suited to sewing machines. I'd definitely be interested
      > to see textile finds with facings, but I don't find visual art
      > particularly informative on this question.

      Thanks, Catrijn, for enunciating my thought better than I could have done.
      > As an aside, I'm assuming that we're all talking about cut fabric
      > facings that match the shape of what they're sewn to - facing edges
      > with narrow wares (eg linen or silk tapes/ribbons) was common and is
      > well documented.

      That was I meant by facings when I responded to Suzanne's post.

      Cathy Raymond

      "Beware how you take away hope from another human being."
      --Oliver Wendell Holmes
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