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58694Need help with the Goths and Rome...

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  • Mikki
    Jun 6, 2011
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      Odd request, but my daughter and some other students will be attending the National History Day competition in DC next week and one of them is having a bit of a problem. While my daughter's team is doing a project on John Adams and finding LOTS of primary sources, there is one student that is doing a project on Alamusuntha, a Goth princess in the time around the fall of Rome. She took first place in the state competition, but the main area where she lost points was in primary sources. She is hoping that SOMEONE out there might have an idea on where to look for anything from jewelry, clothing, writings, etc from that area and time period. I would have asked all of you earlier, but like I said, my daughter's crew is doing a MUCH later time period :P As it is, my area of comfort and semi-expertise is in the area of Tudor England...*Sigh*

      Margery Garret
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