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  • George A. Trosper
    May 6, 2011
      On 5/3/2011 8:13 AM, Chris Laning wrote:
      > On May 2, 2011, at 7:44 PM, George A. Trosper wrote:
      >> P.S. I'm happy to sign, as repeatedly requested by the PST Moderator,
      >> but isn't one's sent-from info sufficient to make entirely clear who's
      >> posting??
      > Actually there are still quite a few people whose e-mail programs do not show the "sent from" field (or who have it turned off).
      > It's also a bit difficult sometimes to associate "jxqz3462@..." or "jsmithjones@..." with Lord Whatsit if you don't already know him personally ;) What with Live Journal aliases, SCA names, mundane names and e-mails, it's sometimes hard to keep track of who's who.
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      > + Kingdom of the West - Chris Laning<claning@...>
      > http://paternoster-row.org - http://paternosters.blogspot.com
      > ____________________________________________________________

      I didn't know the first point. Thank you!

      I did know the second point, just didn't think. Thank you even more!

      Loch Salann in Artemisia
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