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58580Re: [Authentic_SCA] List Etiquette

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  • Michael Hurley
    May 3, 2011
      On May 3, 2011, at 5:32 PM, LJonthebay wrote:
      > Do you want to know who you are reading/addressing or is a truncated
      > e-mail ID or Yahoo screen name sufficient?

      I prefer people to sign their names to their communications. It's just
      good manners. Do you feel you should not sign a letter simply because
      your name is on the envelope? I've never understood the idea that
      etiquette or clear writing are somehow less important just because
      your letter happens to be delivered via electronic data over wires and
      radio signals vs. written or printed words on a sheet of paper sent
      through the post.

      > Do you care if you read repeated messages, particularly in digest
      > form?

      I find trimming excess information from the messages to which one is
      replying to be in the same vein as my above reply. It reduces
      complexity, increases comprehension, and is simply good manners. I'm
      definitely for it.

      > Are top-posted messages easier or harder for you to read?

      Personally I prefer replying below the quote while interleaving
      replies with the quotes to which I'm replying (as you can see here).
      It also just seems more logical to me to reply below the quote. We're
      writing in English, a language which is read from the top of the
      content through to the bottom. It makes little sense to me to scroll
      to the bottom of a message to read down through a few paragraphs, then
      scroll up to the next few paragraphs I have to read down through, and
      so on, and so on. I'm willing to put up with top-posting of replies if
      more people prefer it, though, as current 'net trend seems to favor
      top-posting. What really matters to me is consistency! It bugs me when
      some replies to a particular thread are above and others are below. It
      makes things very, very hard to follow. This also comes down to
      trimming your posts. Delete everything except what you're actually
      replying to! Don't leave a bunch of extraneous text. Take a couple of
      minutes to make messages clearer and simpler and everyone will thank
      Auf wiedersehen!
      "..Um..Something strange happened to me this morning."

      "Was it a dream where you see yourself standing in sort
      of Sun God robes on a pyramid with a thousand naked
      women screaming and throwing little pickles at you?"


      "Why am I the only person that has that dream?"

      -Real Genius
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