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  • Madame du Pont
    Apr 14, 2011
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      > I will review the seven and request your 50. My lady and I were very active in persona in Meridies and GA, taught classes on Speaking Forsoothly, are principles of the Order of Justinian for persona research and teaching, and sponsored several Golden circles at events within which one spoke forsoothly and confined conversations to period or SCA topics.
      > Colm Dubh
      > Herald Extraordinaire

      Dear Colm Dubh,
      What a sad story. I am so sorry for all that ye lost.
      I shall get the other questions to thee...need to scan them or something like that. I shall work on it on the morrow.

      I am glad to hear of your persona influence. It is was makes the SCA for me, otherwise we are just dressed up for a costume party.

      With just a very little effort (I encourage even just 'greetings' in persona), our events will have an air of the Middle Ages in Europe.

      Continue thy quest for the Dream, it takes us beyond sad situations to a place we want to be: The Current Middle Ages.

      A votre service,
      Madame du Pont
      Chateau du Merry Swan
      Shire de Tymberhavene
      Kindgom d'An Tir
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