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  • Madame du Pont
    Apr 14, 2011
      > >I thank you Madame. I have already won our local A&S title for last year; it was an amazing experience. Despite being the only competitor...
      > The chance of our paths crossing is not beyond the realm of possibility, as I too am subject of the Kingdom of An Tir. I currently reside in the Shire of Bitter End, in the Principality of Avacal. And I shall most certainly seek out the document you mentioned.
      > Monsieur Arnbjorn

      Bonjour Arnbjorn,

      Congratulations on winning thy local A & S championship. To enter and make the effort sets ye apart from many with good intentions, but never follow through. Thou art representing thy shire well.

      If ever I get to an event up north, I shall post on here. There are a couple others who work on persona I would like to meet up with. I have done 2 persona challenges down in the Principality of the Summits. Only a few were involved, but it sure made the event more fun and challenging and it is actually easy when you have others to interact with. You just have to stop a little to think about how to phrase something and not talk about modern things.

      Hang in there to the bitter end, and hopefully our paths will cross.

      Madame du Pont
      Shire de Tymberhavene (Home of the An Tir/West War, June 30-July 4)
      Principality du Summits
      Kingdom d'An Tir
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