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58561RE: [Authentic_SCA] Re: An introduction

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  • Scat@cfl.rr.com
    Apr 13, 2011

      I will review the seven and request your 50. My lady and I were very active
      in persona in Meridies and GA, taught classes on Speaking Forsoothly, are
      principles of the Order of Justinian for persona research and teaching, and
      sponsored several Golden circles at events within which one spoke forsoothly
      and confined conversations to period or SCA topics. Health has eliminated
      her and greatly restricted me since our flight to Trimaris because of the
      Deluge-the 24-ft storm surge from Katrina that drowned our 500-home
      subdivision that was 5 miles north of the 500 year flood zone line. We lost
      out cabinets of persona material and hundreds of books related to medieval
      garb, food, and social customs (we actually lost over 2000 but 700+ were on
      names and many others on grammars and dictionaries. We are both 100%
      disabled but I keep on kicking.

      Colm Dubh

      Herald Extraordinaire
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