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  • Tiffany Brown
    Feb 9, 2011
      The museum of London Book "Dress acessories" and the recently free to
      download york archeology "Finds from Medieval York" both describe some
      simple varieties of English medieval jewelry made from wire by twisting.
      Rings, broaches, the odd hair acessory, they all share in common that the
      tools and materials required to reproduce them are generally only wire and
      pliers, and most are very cheap lower class stuff, some probably childrens'
      jewelry, spanning several hundred years of artifacts.

      I have a local competition for tudor or elizabethan jewelry, and I was
      wondering if anyone had heard of any later finds of simple wire jewelry.
      All the resources I can find on the net deal with rather higher class
      jewelry (or even middle class), and being well out of my time period, my
      books are rather useless. I can follow up non-obscure books, or research
      leads (although I'd hate to make this a major project), but I'm afraid I'm
      rather out of my time period, and have no grounding in what is available.
      I've already found what photos the British museum has online of the
      cheapside hoard (the 16-17th C one, not the 11th C one), but all wire stuff
      appears to be enamelled or encrusted with jewels (fake or real), which is
      logical if this was a jeweller's hoard.

      I'm not expecting the physical artifacts to be the same, but with such a
      simple concept as twisting wire, I'd be surprised if this wasn't used in
      some simple manner in post medieval England. Has anyone encountered anything
      like this? Or any other form of really simple cheap homemade sort of
      practically throwaway jewelry from 16th C England?


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