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58550Estrella War A&S Judging request

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  • LJonthebay
    Jan 26, 2011
      Forwarded from another list.
      --- In sca-west@yahoogroups.com, Mineko Murai <mineko.murai@...> wrote:

      > Greetings from HL Raven Mayne, Kingdom Of Atenveldt Arts and Sciences Minister, and Mistress Lijsbet vande Visschereye Laurel Representative to the Outlands War Council. We have great news! We have a wonderful amount of entries this year for the Estrella War 27 Arts and sciences Competition!

      > Now for the not so good news- we are having a hard time finding Judges who will be actually traveling to Estrella War This Year. We have called; emailed, and talked to many face to face and majority of the ones we have contacted are just not able to make it for any number of reasons. So we have decided to make a call out to the world to have any that will be attending Estrella War, are very knowledgeable in any one of the Categories listed below, and have experience judging to please contact either Mistress Lijsbet munruhbays @ gmail .com (without the spaces, or myself at-asmin AT atenveldt Dot org. Ideally we would love to have Judges from all over to lend a hand.
      - Toys—Includes any item used by children in Western Europe during the SCA time period. Entry may have several pieces but will all be used for the same item (e.g. wooden blocks).
      -Heraldic Banner, Flag or Standard – Single item may represent any group or individual within the SCA and will be completed in fabric. Decoration may be done by any medium documentable to the SCA time period. (ex., painting, embroidery, appliqué). Heraldry should be based on registered SCA-specific heraldry.
      -Woven Textiles—Includes card weaving, tapestry weaving, and the production of woven fabrics (e.g. brocade, damask, plain, satin, tapestry, twill, etc.). Entry should be complete length of weave of something that is ready to be sewn or otherwise completed.

      > Sincerely,
      > HL Raven Mayne, Kingdom of Atenveldt Arts and Sciences Minister

      > Mistress Lijsbet vande Visschereye, Laurel Representative to the Outlands War Council