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58538Re: [Authentic_SCA] Analysis of a 16th Century Italian Gown

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  • Michael Hurley
    Dec 13, 2010
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      On Dec 13, 2010, at 9:11 PM, Catherine Olanich Raymond wrote:
      > On 12/13/2010 11:09 PM, Michael Hurley wrote:
      >> On Dec 10, 2010, at 8:20 PM, Jennifer wrote:
      >>> I used Drea Lead's smock generator
      > It's much easier to give you the URL and let you explore for yourself,
      > so here it is:
      > http://www.elizabethancostume.net/smockpat/

      Thanks muchly to both yourself and JL Badgley for pointing me to it.
      Auf wiedersehen!
      "..Um..Something strange happened to me this morning."

      "Was it a dream where you see yourself standing in sort
      of Sun God robes on a pyramid with a thousand naked
      women screaming and throwing little pickles at you?"


      "Why am I the only person that has that dream?"

      -Real Genius
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