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58519RE: [Authentic_SCA] Re: Patching garments?

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  • Scott
    Oct 24, 2010
      Surely we have some experts on patching on this list. Heather Rose Jones or
      Robin of Netherton should be able to answer our questions,

      Are they on line? My favorite clothing article is a no go-Hewather Rose
      Jones' presentation at Kalamazoo "Getting into women's underwear."

      I had expected far more males to show interest: it got mo=inbe roight
      away;p however,
      I not only have know the author for decades but also am a charter member of
      the SSS (Soiled Senior Citizens).

      I have a plethora of white triskles on one garment that are looking worn and
      grungy and my seamstress wife has the talent but not the back

      stamina to even look at them; therefore, I shall be doing the stitches. My
      last hand-stitched garment was a seersucker shirt in 1957.

      It lasted me five years.

      Colm Dubh
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