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58510RE: [Authentic_SCA] Patching garments?

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  • Terri Morgan
    Oct 20, 2010
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      > I'm guessing that patches were sewn to the
      > outside of the garment, but what happened on
      > the inside? Were the edges of the repair
      > hemmed facing inside the garment, or outside
      > towards the patch? Were any special patching
      > stitches used?
      > Any help would be appreciated,

      I'd be interested in learning that also. My first response, upon reading
      Asfridhr's speculation was to say, "no, on the inside!" because that is the
      most common method I learned for darning/patching frayed fabric. But what I
      learned is modern... I never once gave a thought to what would have been a
      period practise.

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