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58502Re: [Authentic_SCA] OT: taking care of "archaelogical" stuff

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  • Marianne Perdomo
    Sep 30, 2010

      2010/9/30 Jeff Gedney <gedney@...>

      > first,
      > make a record of where on your property you found them, and at what depth,
      > if you can.
      > include what you were doing when you found them.

      Alas, I was moving soil that had already been moved by the construction
      workers, so that the location is no longer indicative of where it was
      originally dumped . :( It's all a mix of soil with bits of old tiles, bits
      of new tile, bits of glass and pottery,... I suspect it came from an area
      behind the old kitchen (in the Canary islands traditionally kitchens were
      When possible I have noted where other things came from. I found, for
      example, the base of the pillar for the porch - I photographed it before
      moving it, kept it in a safe place and it's now doing its job again :)

      > second, some question: do you want to preserve these items or restore then?
      > do you want to be able to handle them or purely preserve them like a museum
      > might?

      Preserve them like a museum might would be ideal (within my capability, of
      course, which excludes climate control, I'd say). Being able to handle them
      carefully would be a plus, but it isn't necessary. I just don't want them to
      fall apart. And they can look less a lump of stuff with soil, that's also

      Thank you!!!


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