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58479Favours for a Fencer

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  • Elizabeth Walpole
    Aug 18, 2010
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      Good morning all,

      I have not been on this list on a couple of years but I'm hoping you
      can help me out.

      My lord has recently asked me for a favour that he can carry when
      fencing. It didn't occur to me before but I'm trying to think of
      something at least somewhat period appropriate to give him as a
      favour. I have somewhat limited embroidery skills (so far my only
      successful attempts have been counted blackwork) almost all of my SCA
      efforts tend towards garb making.

      So has anybody got evidence would be a period appropriate favour
      (ignoring debates about whether a man would carry a favour in the SCA
      sense, especially when fencing) for a 16th century persona that I can
      make using my fabric related skills.

      Elizabeth Walpole
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