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58462Re: [Authentic_SCA] dealing with fugitive dyes and dye-setting

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  • Folo Watkins
    Jul 14, 2010
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      I received a note from Gale Owes-C rocker today saying that the
      upcoming paperback edition of _Dress in Anglo-Saxon England_ is no
      different from the hardcover second edition (which is becoming
      available at a reduced price from many dealers because the paperback
      is imminent). Then she added:

      >We are producing an
      >Encyclopaedia of Medieval Dress and Taxtiles of the British Isles c
      >450-1450 which will come out as a book and electronic edition,
      >published by BRill, scheduled for 2011.

      Hazel Uzzell--the long-suffering wife of the smell-impaired Ian, whom
      I mentioned earlier--noted this when I mentioned it on another list:

      I> have written a paper on dyeing during the period for this
      publication. It has just gone through its last peer and editorial revue.
      >There is a separate paper on woad, which I reviewed.
      >I'm looking forward to the publication next year....but I think it
      is going to be a bit pricey!

      A bit in the future to help right now, but something that some of you
      might want to look out for!

      Cheers, Folo
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