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  • Matthew Takeda
    Jul 5, 2010
      At 06:39 AM 05-07-10, Doccia mka Amy wrote:
      >Finally, I'm looking for any references to the use of eel skin
      >leather in the period. From what I understand it is a very fine and
      >useful material in this age, but I don't know if eel leather was put
      >to any purpose in the middle ages. I really hope eel skin was used,
      >as if I have the eels already it should be short work to cure or tan
      >the skins and make something lovely. I could use a good pair of shoes.

      Sadly for your plans, eelskin leather does not come from eels. It
      comes from the Pacific Hagfish, a jawless fish which is also known as
      the slime eel. The Pacific Hagfish lives in the mesopelagic to
      abyssal Pacific ocean, near the ocean floor, so it is unlikely that
      it was known in Europe in period.

      Matthew Takeda
      the JOAT
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