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58383RE: [Authentic_SCA] Authentic SCA groups in Mid -Atlantic States

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  • Jessica Ackerman
    Jun 8, 2010
      Colm wrote:

      I am stating that a territorial group may not favor any one time period,
      culture, or geographical area over any others within our mission statement.

      I replied:

      Officially no, a territorial group cannot specifically focus on only one
      time period, culture or geographic area. But what does tend to happen is
      that people who live/work/play together have a tendency to dress alike, or
      at least similarly. "Oh hey, that X is really cool! Can you show me/us/the
      group how to make it?" And pretty soon, everyone has an X.

      The important point of this discussion is: *No one can be left out because
      they choose a time period/culture/geographical area that may not be typical
      for the territorial group.*

      Alexandra Vazquez de Granada

      (A late era Spaniard amongst early era Vikings in her local group)

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