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58381RE: [Authentic_SCA] Authentic SCA groups in Mid -Atlantic States

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  • Scott
    Jun 8, 2010
      MODERATOR NOTE: As a courtesy to our members who receive their list-mail in digest form, we request that you not top post. Please snip those parts of previous messages that do not require repetition. Thank you. Jehanne de Wodeford, Pacific time Zone Moderator.

      I am stating that a territorial group may not favor any one time period, culture, or geographical area over any others within our mission statement. Royalty may conduct their courts as though they
      were from a specific time period and culture: their doing so adds to the ambiance. Feasts may reflect specific times and cultures; events (tourneys, etc.) may do so likewise-also to our benefit.

      To my mind the most valuable benefit that a household brings to the SCA is its customary focus on specific times and cultures, allowing a more in-depth exploration of that time and culture-a focus that is quite inappropriate for a territorial group-which must welcome equally all members from any covered times and cultures.

      Colm Dubh
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