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58369Re: Museums in Washington DC

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  • gardinladi
    May 26, 2010
      I would agree with the Folger Shakespeare library--its not very big at all, so it will not take very long, but it has some wonderful display cases of Elizabethan artifacts and documents.

      In particular, I was fascinated by an exhibit at the Natural History Museum. It is slightly out of period, but it deals with the forensic anthropolgy of the skeletons and archaelogy of the 17th century early colonies of the Chesapeake and Jamestown areas.


      I think the National Portrait Gallery also had a few 16th century paintings as well.

      The National Archives has the Declaration of Independence, but also a copy of the Magna Carta.

      DC is my son's favorite place to go on spring break, we have been twice so far per his request. Good kid!

      Jocelyn of Lutterworth
      Tree Girt Sea, Midrealm
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