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  • oisswafford
    May 6 8:38 AM
      > Does anyone know of any pre-1601 arms with an owl displayed? I'm finding lots of eagles, but not owls.
      I have a done a little research into owls in heraldry in the sca period. I haven't looked at continental resources yet but I haven't seen any owls displayed in English heraldry. The default posture appears to be close and it is never blazoned. Owls sometimes have human faces in period depictions and this feature isn't blazoned either which leads me to believe that it was common practice.

      This book has several owls with blazons and emblazons. A couple of them are:

      Folio 18:2
      S. John Sayvvyle, Yorkechyre: Argent, on a bend engraild sable three owls argent; quarterly with Thronhill, gules tow gemelles and a chief argent

      Folio 22b.:4
      Watyr Calvveryley of Lancasterchyre: Sable, a false excucheon between six owls 3.2.1. bordurewise argent.

      Folio 57b:4
      John Slye: Gules, a chevron azure between three owls argent.

      Folio 65:8
      Hewett of Staff (added) : Sable, a chevron engrailed argent between three owls of the second.

      Folio 40:6
      John Seffelle (Qy. Seyville, no Savile): Argent, on a bend sable, three owls of the field, a label (3) gules.
      (picture on p 193)

      Folio 42b:8
      Thomas Oulegreve: Azure, a fess engrailed argent, between three owls of the last (picture on p198)

      Folio 52b:6
      Sable, three owls 2 and 1 argent, legged gules.

      I hope that helps.

      Gwenlliana Clutterbooke
      Herald with a fondness for owls
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