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58186Re: [Authentic_SCA] ladies' reverance

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  • Marianne Perdomo
    Feb 16, 2010

      And sorry I left the message in - with my brain it doesn't help that Google
      Mail often hides such things...

      And, yes, my whole point of asking here was to see if there was anything on
      the courtesy sources. I've read some, but I'm sure that's not all. Hence my
      asking here and not on the dance lists...

      I've not been able to check Arena yet.. the link I follow online seems to be
      gone. And it'll be a couple of weeks before I can ask to see Crane, as I
      don't have it myself. :/
      Going to try to find Arena again now... as I have the day off for Carnival
      Tuesday/Mardi Gras :)


      Leonor / Marianne

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