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58143Last Call - Gulf Wars

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  • Zhara
    Jan 15, 2010
      One last call for instructors or presenters for Gulf Wars Al Mahala.

      Even if you are not interested in sharing your knowledge, I'd like to draw attention to three particular items:

      1. For years we have been featuring a Period Pavement class demonstrating historical construction methods. We take it up a notch this year with a week-long construction of a full sized tandoor based on period illustrations and using all period materials. The goal is to bake, using documentable recipes, bread at the end of the week in the tandoor if complete.

      2. Please also consider our Daily Cuisine at 11:00 series that we have featured for years, which includes demos of open-fire cooking and recipes direct from period manuscripts.

      3. Of most particular interest to members of the SCA Authenticity Yahoo Group - our Wednesday "Afternoon in an Andalusian Courtyard" offers the opportunity to practice a higher level of authenticity in music, dance, storytelling, board games and in-personna conversation. Our goal is to re-create for a few hours, a more complete environment for the medieval re-enactor.

      (For those who do not have documentable dance, music, storytelling or for those who will be using modern synthetic-head drums, etc - we offer the annual Known World Dance Expo on Wed. Night for a more generalized SCA dance and music experience.)

      I'm at your service for any assistance I may provide, zhara8 at ya hoo dot com Please also contact Mistress Edwina if you have additional queries: sue@... sue at readitagainbooks dot net General information about Gulf Wars can be found on it's website: www dot gulfwars dot org

      In Service,
      thlZhara um Nikko
      Al Mahala