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  • hillofbees
    Sep 13, 2009
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      > Yes, I have studied Castile during the reign of Alphonso X. I am starting to research Isabella la Catolica as I return to late period again. I have investigated the research of many others (eg Mistress Jassamyn and Violante as well as Ruth Anderson's book).
      > I would like to dive into more primary (and secondary) sources to see if I can come up with the same conclusions they have.
      Ana, the thing to do then is probably to look at the primary sources that Anderson, Jessamyn and Violante cite, and follow up those leads. The other excellent source to look at for bibliographic material is Carmen Bernis' Indumentaria Medieval EspaƱola, which Anderson bases a lot of her research on anyway.

      cheers, Ynes
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