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58050Re: [Authentic_SCA] medieval Court Etiquette - "Your Grace"?

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  • Michael Hurley
    Sep 8 6:32 AM
      On Sep 6, 2009, at 4:22 PM, Melisende Fitzwalter wrote:

      > Greetings Lord Matthew,
      > The replies here have pretty much illustrated the change of fashion
      > of address towards Kings and Queens of England over the ages from
      > Your Grace to Your Majesty. Just one small detail which you might
      > find interesting. As far as my research on this matter has gone, I
      > believe that it was Richard II who first insisted on the title Your
      > Majesty, whereas his antecedents had always been happy with Your
      > Grace. Similarly he was also the first King who had felt the need
      > to have a bodyguard about his person. The Barons were not best
      > pleased with this new title as they saw it as an attempt to dominate
      > and usurp their traditional freedoms. Certain other things he did
      > during his reign did not help his cause either!

      I'd love to know your source for this. I, too, have a Ricardian
      persona and always enjoy finding new info to round out my knowledge.
      Auf wiedersehen!
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