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58047Re: [Authentic_SCA] Hand kissing Re: medieval Court Etiquette

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  • Marianne Perdomo
    Sep 7, 2009
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      2009/9/7 Ann Catelli wrote:

      > At least in some cases, the inferior was kissing not the hand of the
      > superior, but his ring of office.

      Yet another twist... in the 15th c. Spanish chivalric novel Tirant lo Blanc,
      the hero wants to kiss the princess's hand, but she refuses out of courtesy.
      He gets her ladies to plead for him and finally the lady allows this... but
      she doesn't let him kiss the "outside" of her hand, as that would be a sign
      of lordship, but the "inside" of the hand instead, as that's a sign of

      While a novel, this is very reallistic fiction. At one point Tirant, who's
      tourneying in Great Britain, goes back to his parents' home in Gaul because
      he needs more money before travelling to a challenge in Scorland. He often
      wins battles by his wits, too, though of course he's an amazing fighter, too
      ;) Somebody should turn this into a film trilogy, as it's really a fun book.


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