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58046Hand kissing Re: medieval Court Etiquette

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  • Ann Catelli
    Sep 6, 2009
      At least in some cases, the inferior was kissing not the hand of the superior, but his ring of office.
      This was the case until at least after World War II in Italy, where a bishop or archbishop's episcopal ring would get kissed. (source for this modern use is a fiction book series Don Camillo (iirc))

      In the later middle ages, that episcopal ring would nearly always be a reliquary, too, so the reveraunce would be directed to the office and to the saint, rather than the wearer directly.

      This is completely off the cuff--if you find actual references to your period and/or location of interest, follow that, by all means! ;)

      Ann in C%

      --- Marianne Perdomo wrote:

      > Also, it seems that both men and women would kiss the hands of their
      > superiors... something I've often fantasized about doing, but I fear
      > people would just find it too strange. I've thought of using a
      > "moorish style salute" which again in 15th c. Spain meant kissing
      > the hems of the robe.
      > Leonor
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