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  • Marianne Perdomo
    Jul 9, 2009
      2009/7/9 Chris Laning wrote:

      > I think you have a good point here. You mention that clothing in a
      > certain time period seems to change "by decade."

      Actually, they do. It's very annoying! That's for 15th c. but I think it's
      pretty similar for 14th... Before then it's probably manageable.
      My impression from my looking around at late 16th and early 17th century
      clothing is that it does change fairly quickly, too.

      That said I think I am going to go ahead and make myself a dress from 10-20
      years back, because I want something from that period. And I figured it
      could be an old dress of my persona... But when I do wear anything
      significantly older, or further in the future, I do so knowing that my
      persona wouldn't have done so. Just like I don't dress like my grandmother
      (with a retro touch, maybe, but not quite like her). I just either ignore
      the fact or think I'm just "different" on that day. Again, this is late
      middle ages... not sure if actually makes a difference before 1250-1300.
      A piece of jewellery I think would be different, too, but I don't know
      whether it's because I don't know enough of its evolution, or if it really
      was more estable, as I suppose (hints from jewelry fans/experts welcome

      > You know this
      > *because* you have studied the period, the clothing, the times before
      > and after, etc. in detail,

      Exactly. I also find that sometimes you're paying attention to general dress
      shape but you don't pay so much attention to say... neckline, or sleeve
      I also avoid special one-offs (things which are odd and only appear in one
      or a very few examples).

      > The more you know, the more plausible your educated guesses are going
      > to be.

      Yes, ultimately, as you say it's a line you have to draw yourself, about how
      comfortable you are with what you've found out and what you can do. To me
      it's all about coming closer and closer :) (within economic restraints!)

      I tend to agree with Capt. Elias -- I try to first study the
      > information to find out what people actually DID do, and then decide
      > what I want to do based on that. So far, that's always given me
      > plenty of ideas for projects I think are really cool.

      Are you talking of extant examples? I wish I could do that! :)



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