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  • Chris Laning
    Jul 8, 2009
      On Jul 7, 2009, at 2:50 PM, Marianne Perdomo wrote:

      > I have certainly had this problem... I do many things just because
      > I like
      > them but I try to place most of my efforts on being Spanish from
      > the 1470s,
      > as a kind of personal challenge. Yet for many things I can't get info
      > between say, 1450s and 1490s. Certainly there seems to be less useful
      > paintings available from the 1470s. So I often try to at least
      > determine if
      > something was done before and after - in that case I'm quite happy
      > to assume
      > it didn't cease to be done in between. That's mostly for clothing
      > which
      > changes by decade, it seems, at least in details like sleeves,
      > necklines,
      > that sort of thing.

      I think you have a good point here. You mention that clothing in a
      certain time period seems to change "by decade." You know this
      *because* you have studied the period, the clothing, the times before
      and after, etc. in detail, and you have deduced that in *this*
      particular case, *this* category of things (necklines, sleeves, etc.)
      doesn't change that fast.

      The more you know, the more plausible your educated guesses are going
      to be.

      Of course, ultimately how far you decide you want to stretch your
      educated guesses is always going to be up to you. What I think is
      important is that you *know* when you are extrapolating on the basis
      of not enough information, and not kid yourself that your guesses are
      on solid ground when they aren't.

      I tend to agree with Capt. Elias -- I try to first study the
      information to find out what people actually DID do, and then decide
      what I want to do based on that. So far, that's always given me
      plenty of ideas for projects I think are really cool.

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