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  • bronwynmgn@aol.com
    Jul 8, 2009
      In a message dated 7/7/2009 10:28:24 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
      neeveofredriver@... writes:

      <<So, good Gentles, what say you? How do each of you go about determining
      the document-ablity of your own persona, garb, artifacts and all? >>

      For me, it's important that it be as close as I can get it to my time
      period and country, and I like to have at least one solid point of data for what
      I'm doing. There aren't really many for cooking, so I have to go further
      afield for solid data points. For clothing, I have lots of data points, but
      not many that give me a lot of detail on construction, so I need to work with
      interpretations on those, and decide which interpretations I think are

      Brangwayna Morgan
      Shire of Silver Rylle, East Kingdom
      Lancaster, PA
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