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57917Luttrell Psalter on Facebook (was Re: Garden gates

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  • creatureofironbog
    Jun 2, 2009
      --- In Authentic_SCA@yahoogroups.com, "vombatus1" <timmykane@...> wrote:

      > I am on Facebook, I've heard about the Luttrell Psalter film but haven't seen it yet, it sounds really interesting. I'm on Face book as Tim Kane,
      > Cheers
      > Tim

      As there are over SEVENTEEN pages of Tim Kanes
      on Facebook (!!!)....here is the link to the
      Luttrell Psalter group, for you and any others
      here who have access:


      There is a clip that was posted on January 20th,
      which starts off with a woven fence/wall. If you
      hit Pause at about the 0.31 second mark, you can
      see what appears to be a vine or rope hinge on
      that wall. Best seen if you watch in large screen!

      And I highly recommend the film itself.

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