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  • gedney@OPTONLINE.NET
    Jun 2, 2009
      > Hello Thanks Karen
      > That's the one, http://larsdatter.com/gardens.htm has some
      > interesting pictures, I'm keen to try out a few of the different
      > fence styles and some of the exedras (raised turf
      > benches)especially the wooden fronted ones. I hadn't noticed
      > that there were so many openings without gates!

      Thanks for this site.

      The thing I find fascinating is the degree to which multilevel gardening seems to be used. I see a lot of "turf benches" and other "plantable walls", true, but a LOT of raised bed gardening.
      In fact, raised beds (in some cases multileveled beds), bordered with timber or stone seems more the norm than the exception.

      Another thing I see a lot of is the use of espalier fences for division.
      Fencing seems to be lightly constructed, and used to trellis plants on
      Walls when they are used are heavy stone walls for privacy.
      I also see really tight picket fences, but they are peripheral when used at all, and I wonder if these arent animal fences (to keep out rabbits and dogs) as they seem to bused when bordering woods.

      Capt Elias

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