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57913Re: [Authentic_SCA] Re: Garden gates

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  • gedney@OPTONLINE.NET
    Jun 2, 2009
      > In looking at that particular gate, I have to
      > wonder: are we certain that there *were* hinges,
      > at all? It seems to me that a more rustic fence
      > such as this might simply have a (re)moveable panel,
      > rather than a 'swinging' gate.

      Having made several gates in the past, I will offer this much:
      There is a diagonal crossbrace from the upper left to the lower right of the gate.
      This is not needed if the panel did not hang from the left in some manner.
      So from my experience, it is much more likely to be a swinging gate than otherwise.

      > Not in our Period, but I recall reading in the
      > "Little House" books that Mr. Ingalls made leather
      > hinges, as they could not afford metal 'boughten'
      > hinges.

      Now as to what sort of hinge...
      It could be anything, as you say, even simply be some leather nailed on to both post and the left (vertical) stile of the gate (which, you will note, is clearly higher than the right side, owing to the need to anchor the top of the diagonal brace.)
      More likely, though, the hinge was made by binding the gate with withies or rope through bored holes.
      leather, cordage or withy, they would probably have not have been greased or waxed (a common method of preserving them against rot) to prevent rodents from eating the withies.

      Withies would be cheap to replace from locally available plants.
      Likely it was just some twisted roots or bark pulled up from local shrubs.

      Prior to the 16th century iron hinges were expensive and prior to the 11th century modern pin and loop iron hinges were largely unknown, so leather or cordage as a "common" hinge is very much more likely in such a rustic setting.

      The closure was also likely a simple loop of cordage.

      > http://snipurl.com/j8l07
      really Pivot hinges or any sort of metal hinge would not be used in such a setting.
      They would have been expensive, and quite likely to have been "lifted" and used by soem commoner in making his own door more secure.

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