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  • vombatus1
    Jun 1, 2009
      Hello everyone.
      I'm in the process of making a paling fence in a period style, heavily influenced by Flemish images from the early 16th century. I've split logs for the posts and rails and am slowly splitting palings but one area has me stumped. Gates, or more specifically hinges/hinge alternatives.

      I've seen a few garden gates in images from throughout period and they seem to fall into two broad types, the door type, which fills up all of the gateway often in walls and the normal gate type which looks like an everyday garden gate.In both sorts long metal hinges are quite common however in the more rustic styles of gate the hinge mechanism is often not shown.
      Follow this link to an example of the style of gate I'm looking at ,unfortunately most other examples I have are in Books. http://www.wga.hu/support/viewer/z.html

      Naturally I'm more interested in the type of gate where the Hinges are not apparent. So if anyone has any ideas of what I could use for hinges, especially rustic types which don't require metal work, or pictures from anywhere in our time period, I would love to hear from you.
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