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57898War of Roses.. teachers still needed!!!!

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  • Shane Stainton
    May 15, 2009
      hi everyone ,
      still need instructors for both days.
      slots available are
      Sat. 9 am / 12 noon / 1 pm / 2 pm / 3 pm
      Sunday 9 am / 10 am / 2 pm / 3 pm / 4 pm.
      please have a class description and preferred time and day slots, I CAN double up classes if you prefer a different time slot as there is ample canvas tentage available.

      also there IS electricity, fire, and water available. for you iron mongers there will be at least two possibly three forges to work from if you wish to teach a smithing class.

      please respond ASAP, were going to print very soon .
      thank you very much!
      Fergal the Smith
      please reply off group to my email
      knives aht forgedknives dotttnet
      sorry for the hinky spelling but Im a spam magnet :)