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57895Re: [Authentic_SCA] Ancestry

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  • julian wilson
    May 3 5:43 AM
      --- On Sun, 3/5/09, Damon <griogar83@...> wrote:

      > I recently traced my history back, and found I was related to the Scottish clan MacGregor.
      Snipped for brevity
      Anything else (such as hair and beard styles, etc.) would be more than enough to acquire gratitude.ENDIT

      your best source in all the world for such info would probably be the SCA's Insulae Draconis Shire of Harpelstane, which covers the whole of Scotland and the Isles.
      May I suggest you contact the Shire Seneschal, Lord Torrkil Mhor, at
      He will, I am sure, be pleased to direct you to those who could answer your questions in detail, if he cannot from his own in-depth researches.

      Lord Matthew Baker,
      Hospitaller for West Dragonshire, Insluae Draconis.

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