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57607RE: [Authentic_SCA] RE: "Why wqould you...?" (was: Years covered by SCA)

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  • christopher chastain
    Dec 28, 2008
      To throw me two cents in I do a Russian persona during the reign of Ivan The Terrible. I've been asked why Russian, I tell them because I dont know much about Eastern Europe (might have something to with the cold war) and I want to learn that side of Europe. In our culture we see so much of western europe history either thru hollywood (and all it's inaccuracies) to childhood stories. It mght not be accurate but we all get the idea. SCA is fun but its also a place to learn and teach. Early period Russia or the Kievan Rus is'nt much different than the Vikings (they were a tribe of them). Eastern Europe and the Silk Road had so much influence and effect on all of Europe that even in mid to late period you have to look at it to understand western europe. Don't let what part of time period you follow bother you, learn what you can as much as you can and teach as much as you can! This is your journey, enjoy the ride!

      Yours in Humble Service,Dmitrii Zarekoi Ivanov"Do not scorn the weak cub. It might become the brutal tiger!" Mongol Proverb"Only a hand that can grasp a sword may hold a sceptre!" Tatar Proverb
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