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57575Gulf Wars - better than Thanksgiving Leftovers

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  • Zhara um Nikko
    Nov 29, 2008
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      Greetings to all, and please allow me to come bearing a gentle
      reminder of the approaching booklet deadline for Gulf Wars.

      We humble servants over in Al Mahala,

      - will continue with Chess Lessons and instruction on historical
      variants of the game, as well as simple open "Chess Time" - multiple
      boards will be available - no need to haul your heirloom set to war -
      we've brought ours.

      - will continue to have Culinary Demos, this year expanding into East
      Asian cuisine as well as a return of Tunisian and Moroccan tagines,
      Turkish coffee, and various delights from up and down the Silk Road,


      - will continue to have Garb Classes, including detailed looks at
      textiles, both modern and surviving museum pieces, as well as beginner
      and intermediate-level coverage of garb of the eastern regions,


      - will continue to have an assortment of other interesting
      opportunities to learn, whether they be the genteel arts of letters
      (Beginner Arabic returns to Gulf Wars - bring your tablets!) or in the
      rugged, hands-on opportunities to learn (period pavement methods
      taught in our courtyard by none other than Sir Asad of the Outlands)

      Oh, and yes, Dancing and Drumming classes as well. But this class
      schedule can only be complete if YOU are willing to come give a class
      or a demo, too. Sign Up Now!

      Please know that of all the classroom areas at Gulf Wars, Al Mahala
      has been especially encouraging of focused, period research in class
      presentations. Thankfully, instructors have responded to the call,
      with our tagine open-fire cooking demos, our period pavement hands-on
      class, and our sipsi reed making workshops being just the highlights
      of our more authentically minded classes and activities.

      zhara8 at ya hoo dot com Please contact with ANY and ALL queries.

      Humbly and In Service,