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57431Re: Pied Piper activities

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  • Madeleine Delacroix
    Sep 7, 2008
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      "Dave & Megan" <danhorn3@...> wrote:
      > I keep thinking I'll volunteer for children's activities one year
      > rather than doing everything else, and I'd like to try this
      > http://www.mrmcgroovys.com/t-plans-cardboard-castle.aspx

      That is very cool...our shire doesn't have space to make something
      like that, but I bought a little wooden castle at our local Goodwill
      that I am going to make templates of and make a few more, except for
      the towers, it all comes apart for storage. In an informal poll I
      took, it seems we have most under 5, they would find playing castle
      fun (if they are anything like my 3 yr old).

      Madeleine Delacroix
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