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  • Jewel
    Sep 3, 2008
      In Atlantia, the officer position is "Minister of Minors"...MoM.

      I have helped with Children's Corner activities in my kingdom, and ran
      one once (I hope to do more, but not without assistance!). Here are
      some things we did:

      -Made hobby horses out of wooden rods from Home Depot and socks, that
      each child decorated, sewed yarn into to make a mane, and stuffed with
      cotton batting. Then they named their trusty steed, and we had a race.
      I also had a few store-bought hobby horses for children who wanted to
      race, but didn't get a chance to come make a horse earlier in the day.
      These horses were "for rent," and the child had to pay for it with a
      song, a poem, a story, anything they could think of to show they
      reeeally wanted the horse :P

      -Made little bound books. I had pre-punched holes in paper and
      construction paper. They decorated the construction paper, then I
      showed them a period binding method (this is better for 6+)

      -Treasure hunt! We in Atlantia do lots of treasure hunts. This is best
      if different camps and merchants agree to be involved in it. There are
      two types: information hunts and item hunts. I did a hunt for sheep
      that "lost their way." These were little stuffed sheep (I happen to be
      lucky enough to know a Scadian who collects stuffed sheep, and has
      over 30 of them. I have also seen hunting for eggs...anything would do.

      I also did a hunt that went with a book I read, called "Marguarite
      Makes a Book." I read the book to them, which is about a little girl
      who helps her papa make a medieval book (this is a GREAT scribal
      introduction book, has good details). I had a 'list' of items that the
      children needed to find, such as a feather for a quill pen, an egg
      (ours were plastic) to make glair, and paper for the pages. This list
      was in pictures, not words, so the ones that couldn't read yet could
      participate too. The one who came back with all of the items first got
      a prize...if I do it again, the prize will be a beginner's scribal
      kit. (Can you tell I like to promote the scribal arts? *giggle*)

      An 'information' hunt would be for older children, requiring them to
      find certain people, and ask them a question and learn from them.
      Examples of such would be "Find Sir Axel and ask him to explain the
      Code of Chivalry. Then write down a brief explanation of it on your
      paper." or "Seek out the crew of the pirate ship, the Dark Lady, and
      inquire as to what the blazon of their ship's flag is (it's 2 rapier
      swords crossed with a 'per pale' background...pretty simple). This is
      great for children 10+, and teenagers can sometimes enjoy it,
      especially if it's got a mixture of easy and challenging ones. You
      could also put things in there like "Go to the archery field and wait
      your turn to shoot off three arrows. Have the archery marshall sign
      your paper and write down your score." Fun things like that that get
      them to try new things...

      I've also wanted to do gourd painting. Take a bunch of small gourds;
      each child gets one. They need to be the weird shaped ones. Ask the
      kids what their gourds look like (often they will say animals, or a
      fruit, or something basic like that), then they paint the gourd to mae
      it look like that thing. I have seen children do some fascinating
      things with gourds. As a child myself, I painted a gourd to look like
      a swan for my grandmother who loves swans. She still has it, and it
      really does look like a swan.

      Vivat the Dream,
      Lady Julienne fille Gaspard, mka Jewel Shuping
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