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  • Labhaoise O'Beachain
    Sep 3, 2008
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      "Madeleine Delacroix" <madeleinedelacroix@...> wrote:

      > I am looking for activities for "littles" to do at meetings and
      > events.

      Clearly Ye Olde Coloring Station is cheap(who has no crayons), easy
      (see previous), and expected.....

      Littles will play, given direction or no..... small boys in garb will
      start wars(anything will do for a sword) and can you blame them when
      the big "boys" play? This summer Walgreens had swords and shields in
      peroid <grin> colors 2/$5 I bought several and they are getting a

      We are already playing "dress up" perhaps you have thespians?

      In the same vein as the swords(and probably period), I have a trebuchet
      game, the directions for making are on the web. Same sort of problems

      Boxes, oatmeal boxes, and cans, become castles..... semiperminent if
      you have an artistic bent, or just cleaned and become blocks for the
      littles to build their own... Toss in some carved knights, princesses,
      and a dragon......

      Drums, shaken instruments, even a thumb "piano" can keep them

      Balls, big and small..... anyone play marbles? old board games(chess,
      go, fox and hens) for the older ones (or even the younger, my granson,
      5, is picking up chess... but he cheats)....

      As I recall, wheeled toys have been found (no not Matchbox cars) some
      things never change!

      Minatures of ANYTHING adults are using.....

      And last but not least.... dolls.... simple rag babies.....

      It won't make for a quiet group but maybe a happier one,
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