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57418RE: [Authentic_SCA] Re: Pied Piper activities

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  • Terri Morgan
    Sep 3, 2008
      > Soap or candle carving.

      This would be the season to stock up on "pumpkin carving kits" so the safe
      knives are available - and gourd carving, especially to make a candle
      lantern, would be fun any time the things are cheaply available.

      I have a copy of a 16th-century woodcut showing a young boy standing on a
      landing above a few other children. On the rail in front of him is a shallow
      dish and in his hand a short tube or pipe - he is blowing soap bubbles,
      which the kids below him are chasing.

      Mylar tape over one end of a can that has had both ends cut off makes a good
      drum. Making and decorating the drum can lead to learning how to use it, if
      you have anyone who is good at that and is willing to teach the children
      basic rhythms, and Master Dave'ed's pony-bead method of recording drumming
      rhythms are yet another activity.

      Making a gaming pouch (circle or square of fabric or leather with the game
      board drawn/incised on the interior with a drawstring around the outer edge
      to form a carrying pouch) and then learning how to play - and then learning
      how to compete in a game's tourney is another good activity.

      So is "red light/green light" using "lay one/hold" for the smallest children
      as it teaches them an important safety habit.

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