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  • Folo Watkins
    Aug 31, 2008
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      While ordering the Ironwork book from the York Archeological Trust
      II mentioned that I would love to see the textile small fins book
      reprinted. Christine Kyriacou from YAT mentioned that they'd love to
      reprint it but that they did have funds. When I suggested that I knew
      many who wanted a copy and that they should announce plans to reprint
      it and see if the funds would therefore be forthcoming, Christine
      said that was a good idea and that they might try it.

      She might have just been humoring the brash Yank, but the fact that
      she toook the time to correspond on the matter is encouraging.
      Persons interested in seeing the volume reprinted might keep an eye
      on he web site and maybe even let them know if they might order it.
      The few illos sent me by a friend who owns the book tells me how much
      *I* want it!

      Cheers, Folo