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  • Jewel
    Aug 10, 2008
      --People in the SCA who are "too much" into authenticity are sometimes
      called the "Period Police" behind their back, but I agree with the
      message earlier that said we shouldn't use names, especially not
      "Nazi" as that indicates that it's bad to be detail-oriented.

      The SCA rules require an "attempt" at medieval garb. This is generally
      accepted as "does it look decent from 20 feet"...thus (and shoes are
      my biggest pet-peeve), hiking boots or combat boots are acceptable,
      but white sneakers are frowned upon because they glare out as modern.

      I love how the SCA allows all kinds of people to play, but it is
      sometimes difficult for the more historically-oriented people to
      maintain their level (someone comes up to you and wants to talk about
      the Iraqi war...the problem is whether to go out of persona and
      converse or be less than polite and miss the opportunity to
      make/maintain a friend. It's something that each person has to figure
      out, I suppose.

      Welcome to the SCA, and I hope you find all that you are looking for
      here...don't expect it to be like Civil War Re-Creation, though. In he
      SCA, we re-create the best of the Middle Ages, so the not-so-great
      stuff is often left out on purpose...the big P's don't exist (Plague,
      Poverty, Persecution [especially religious])...of course, if someone
      chooses a persona that brings about discrimination and portrays it
      well, feel free to play it out after talking to them!

      Once at Pennsic, there was a guy who plays a gypsy persona who asked
      me to attend a party with him. Me, a proper lady of France, at a
      party with a gypsy?? I told him 'Certainly not; I wouldn't be seen in
      public with a gypsy'...so the next night he came back in his noble
      persona, and we went to a different party (*grin*)

      Vivat the Dream,
      Lady Julienne fille Gaspard, mka Jewel Shuping
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